Class 9, 2021

 Dear Class 9, 

I wonder how being back at school was for you?

For us teachers, it was great seeing all of your faces glowing in the sunshine. You do glow!

I guess you will have done lots of talking as well as some working - 

Today and Friday are our last two days of remote learning, phew what a long haul -


I will open a zoom for those who want to join and hopefully you all have the work and books needed for your Main Lesson and other subjects. Otherwise check the website. I will get you to read an article for English, but we won't begin the essay until you are back from your hike.

It was exciting to hear the camp plan. I will try and catch up with Christian and find out more about that.  He will,  I am sure, come and speak to you just as soon as he is able to. There will be a lot of preparation needed very swiftly I anticipate.

Have a lovely long weekend - I am imagining you might be able to see friends and relatives and have a welcome holiday. 

See you all on Wednesday morning next week for three more days of school. So well done for all you have managed!

With Fondness

Tess and Damien


Here are some setup guides from Barry to help migrate your emails into the new system. Thanks Barry 

Dear Class 9,
The migration from our email server to Outlook 365 has been completed.  Please visit   and enter your school email address & password for access to Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point & One Note. This is the simplest way to access the new Office 365 suite.  For more advanced setup for 365 please refer to the setup guides to the right. 


Setup MS365 Email in Outlook on Windows

Setup MS365 Email on Mac

Setup MS365 Outlook on Android

Setup MS365 Email on iPhone

Setup of Two Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365

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Tessa Priest is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


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