The Forces that Shape the Earth

Thursday 22nd October

You've done it!! The last day of distance education Class 9, well done!


1. No quiz today sorry, but I've put up the crossword answers from yesterday. 

2. Use baking paper/tracing paper to make another overlay for your tectonic plate map. 

This time you will map the earthquakes that have occurred around the world within the last 24 hours.


as a reference. 

I used a black dot for earthquakes with a magnitude less than 1.9, a blue dot for magnitude 2.0-3.9 earthquakes and a red dot for 4-5.9 magnitude earthquakes. Include this information in a legend - see my example. 

3. In your ML book, put the title:

Global Distribution of Earthquakes 

Write a paragraph describing the distribution of earthquakes (from your map) around the world. Identify patterns and include any exceptions. 

This map: can further support your understanding of the distribution of earthquakes around the world. 

See you all on Monday, I look forward to it very much!                                    Lou x 

Here is a list of what should be in your ML book so far:

1. Title Page - diagram of Earth's layers. 

2. Contents

3. Layers of Planet Earth

4. Pangaea

5. Questions on continental drift

6. The Theory of Continental Drift

7. Tectonic Plates

8. Divergent Plate Boundaries (diagram)

9. Convergent Plate Boundaries

10. Eyjafjallajokull Case Study

11. Volcanism

12. Formation of Hawaii

13. Global distribution of earthquakes

    + Tectonic Plates of the World MAP with boundary overlay and earthquake overlay

    + copy of the research task

Wednesday 21st October

Hello Class 9s, not long now!!

Here's the work for today:

1. Begin by doing the capital cities crossword (look up the answers if you get stuck).

2. Then watch the video on the formation of Hawaii and take notes. 

3.  In your Main Lesson book, put the title The Formation of the Hawaiian Islands, sketch and label the islands and their ages and then write a paragraph explaining how they are created. 

Tuesday 20th October

Monday 19th October

My apologies - The Andes run down the WEST coast of South America. Question 1 from Thursday's quiz!

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