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Term 4 - another phase of "at home learning"

We can do it!

Zoom Meetings

Hi Class 9!

You're parents have been sent an email regarding daily Zoom meetings. Please check your school email for the link. We will schedule our meetings every weekday at 9:30 am. They will only go for about 15 minutes - please join us!

Just some notes on how it will work:

  • You will come in to a waiting room and then allowed in by Howard and me. We expect you to have your video on and your audio on mute.

  • Obviously we can't have 23 people all talking at once, so we will manage who talks when - please make use of the hands up signal!

  • We expect you to be in a public area of your home and dressed for school (no pyjamas!). If you require, please make use of the virtual background. We may ask this of you anyway.

  • We are able to remove anyone from the group if there is inappropriate behaviour, please communicate as you would at school with your teachers.

  • Please adhere to the student code of conduct whilst in the meeting. This was provided to all students earlier in the year, but is available on the school website under Parent Information: Policies and procedures.

Other than that, come prepared to share verse and a story...

Look forward to seeing you all in this strange way!

Tricia & Howard

Spring things

Thanks to those who sent in photos of their garlands - and pets. Great to see...
If anyone would like us to share a photo(s) of what they have been up to I am happy to start a gallery page. As you probably have seen - I always take a photo of a koala if I see one. I would love to see images of what you are doing to keep yourselves happy/entertained/outside, or something you've achieved that may not be school related (crotchet anyone...).
You can email them to me, or have a parent send them to my number if that's easier.

Last day of term!!

Spring festival! 

I know you all eagerly await the spring festival day when you watch the lower classes sing and show us their maypole dances. The upper school would share a piece that we had learnt and your teachers would share a verse they wrote - just for their class that year. Below you will find a recording of the verses that we have written for you this year.

We hope you enjoy it. (Make sure the volume is on :) )

I thought I'd also share a photo of the koala I saw on my walk yesterday.

Message from Belinda

 Dear Students, 

I am writing to let you all know that I will be finishing up at Little Yarra Steiner School at the end of this term. I received an offer for a position closer to home and I have decided to take this. It was not an easy decision to make, as teaching each of you has been a real blessing. 

Over the course of this tumultuous year, you all have shown yourselves to have unique gifts that will in turn serve to be gifts to the world around you. These are more than just scholarly ones and I encourage each of you never disregard the value of your voices. 

Enjoy the rest of the year and the bright future that lies ahead for you all. I look forward to bearing witness to the marks that you make on the canvas that is life. 


Change of teachers for Term 4

Unfortunately, Belinda is having to leave us. She will write a letter to you all and will upload it or send it to you.
We will have Paul Darlison take over teaching you English, History and your second Main Lesson next term.
You first Main Lesson next term will be Geography with Lou. Your last main Lesson is Conic Sections with Tricia. (Have your compass and sharp pencils ready!)
Transferring Images of School work

We have learnt that some parents (and students) are experiencing difficulty emailing large files through to Teachers.  In order to assist, we have created a 'We Transfer' account to help facilitate this process.  

Please click on the link above to transfer your files.  You will not be asked to sign up or create an account, but you will need to provide your (any) email address and then enter the six digit code that will be received so as to verify the transfer.

Regarding Emails:

Hi Class 9, 

I just thought I'd let you know that there have been changes made to the email server. In short, it just means your teachers won't receive your emails as soon as you send it, they will be sent in batches maybe once or twice a day. The same goes for your emails as well.

Please keep this in mind if you are asking a question of a teacher that means you can't move on without knowing the answer. You may need to change to another subject and come back to it when you get an answer.

I'm mentioning this because I was really worried when I had heard from seemingly few people yesterday - and then I suddenly got 17 emails! (Thank you all for taking part in that endeavour.)

It has been really great to check in on you all and hearing about what you each do to entertain yourselves outside of schoolwork. I (and I'm sure Howard too) have really appreciated the insight.

All the best xo


August 21st

Assembly Talks

Guidelines for submitting work via email:
Always use your school email account or a parents email.
  • Reply to any email. 

    • This is to confirm to your teacher that you have seen and received the email.

    • It only needs to be a simple “Thanks”. 

    • You can always add more if you have a question.

  • Use formal language.

    • Set out your email or reply with letter writing conventions.

    • Check your spelling and grammar.

  • Give your email a subject.

    • Class 9 English week 1. Or Class 11 Main Lesson Tuesday Week 2. Etc.

  • Any files that are sent should be saved with your name and subject.

    • i.e. Esme W2 German.

  • Compile work into one file.

    • A series of photographs could be included in a single word document and then sent. 

    • This may take you 5 minutes, but if your teacher has to do that for 20 students it could take over an hour and a half.

  • Be aware of the size of files.

    • Send small photo files.

    • Change a word document to a pdf

    • You can reduce a file size in word by selecting FILE REDUCE FILE SIZE (in the top toolbar) and then changing the selection from ‘Print 220ppi’ to ‘Email ‘96ppi’.

    • Contact your teacher if you are having difficulty emailing a large file that cannot be reduced.

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