Conic Sections Main Lesson

Weeks 8 to 10

Again, I hope we will definitely be back at school for this, I'll just take the opportunity to mention that you will need your technical drawing things for this Main Lesson:
  • Compass (Make sure it's working!! I can replace leads if needed.)
  • Sharp pencil (preferably 2B, ideally a mechanical pencil - but a normal pencil & a sharpener is good.)
  • Straight edge ruler. If yours has lots of nicks or is damaged, or is not 30cm long... consider getting a new one.
  • Coloured pencils.
Other things that are nice to have, but not essential are:
  • Black fine-liner
  • Coloured fine-liners
  • Right angle/set square (large enough to fit the page is best, but again - if you don't have one don't get one.)

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