The Forces that Shape the Earth

Friday 9th October

  1. Begin by completing as much as the crossword as you can. I will upload answers on Monday.

  2. Under the title “Theory of Continental Drift” in your ML book, write up your notes in sentences under each of the five types of evidence that I explained in the video yesterday

  3. I have also included an optional extension research task, have a look if you’re interested!

Thursday 8th October

1. Complete continental drift ML work by following directs in today's     powerpoint. 

2. Take notes as you listen to the information I provide in the video. 

   (p.s Glossopteris, Lystrosaurus and Mesosaurus are examples of         fossil evidence.  ) 

Wednesday 7th October

Your Main Lesson information and work is all provided in the power point on Continental Drift. Listen to the audio along on the way by clicking the little speaker icon.

Please email me if you have any questions at all!

Tuesday 6th October

  • Following your title page, leave a blank page for the contents

  • Then copy the notes below under the title, "Layers of Planet Earth".

  • If you would like a typed copy of the notes, please email me!

  • You do not yet have to email me your work, although thanks to the few that have!

Monday 5th October

Your first task (30 minutes) for the Main Lesson is to copy the diagram of the Earth from my black board drawing. 

  • This will be your title page.

  • Use an atlas or the internet to include as many accurate details as possible.

  • Write the title: The Forces that Shape the Earth

  • Include labels for the Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mantle, Outer Core and Inner Core.

Tomorrow we will take detailed notes on each of the Earth's layers. 

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