The Forces that Shape the Earth

Friday 16th October

Happy Friday Class 9s!

Today I would like you to make an overlay for your tectonic plate map. 

Cut out A4 size of clear baking paper or tracing paper and tape it onto your map at the top only. 

Then use two different colours and a fine liner to identify the divergent and convergent plate boundaries of the world. Include a legend down the bottom. 

Also, your research task is due today, please email it to me by 3pm. I very much look forward to receiving them, 

            Have great weekends! Louise

Thursday 15th October

Today the video I've made is about the three types of convergent plate boundaries. 

I also explain how I am going to assess this Main Lesson - there will be a small test when you return to school! 

Please copy the diagrams from my blackboard drawing (you can also use the internet diagrams to support you)

Remember to spend time working on your research task. It is worth 20% of your ML mark and due tomorrow Friday 15th Oct. You may either handwrite or type this task.

                                       Have a lovely day!

Wednesday 14th October

Dear Class 9s, 

1. Begin by doing today's quiz and marking yesterdays.

2. Watch the video on the distribution of the world's mountain ranges (please note that I made this for last Friday but couldn't upload it! There is no Main Lesson work related, but please watch!)

3. Commence the research questions relating to divergent plate boundaries. This task is due (please email me) THIS FRIDAY 16th October.

Here is a list of what should be in your ML book so far:

1. Title Page - diagram of Earth's layers. 

2. Contents

3. Layers of Planet Earth

4. Pangaea

5. Questions on continental drift

6. The Theory of Continental Drift

7. Tectonic Plates

8. Divergent Plate Boundaries (diagram)

    + Tectonic Plates of the World MAP

Please contact me if you need any clarification or support,                    Louise x 

Tuesday 13th October

Monday 12th October

Happy Monday Class 9. 

1. Start by doing quiz (questions 13-20) with questions relevant to this week's global news. 

2. Mark the crossword from Friday. 

4. Watch the video on oceanic and continental plates. 

5. Using the blank world map I sent home: outline, colour and label all the tectonic plates. (note: sometimes India is on it's own plate separate to Australia). Use the map below to support you. Don't forget the title!

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