Monday October 19th: Last week of remote learning!!!

Hi Class 9. 

Next week you will return to school and begin working on your clay heads. In preparation for this, this week I would like you to do a little revision to remind yourself of the proportions of the head. Please read through the revision PDF that I have provided to remind yourself of these details. Please note, there are 5 pages in the PDF (don't worry, its pretty much all pictures), so please keep scrolling down to see all of them.


1. Read through the revision PDF

2. If you have not yet completed last week's work, please make this your next priority and aim to get this done and sent to me.

3. If you have completed last week's work, you may choose to do some extension work by completing a drawing of a face using the PDF to guide you. When doing this, please try to consider the age of your person, and draw them accordingly.

Please note: The face-drawing is set as extension work rather than a requirement as I want to ensure that you have everything else up to date before returning to school; however,  reading the PDF is still a requirement for this week. 

Monday October 5th: Work for weeks 1 and 2.


Hi Class 9. 

Welcome to Term 4. 

In the Main Lesson at the end of last term we looked at the work of Da Vinci and Durer; both of these men were fascinated by the natural world, and both sought to observe it closely and capture what they saw. Over the next two weeks you will be taking a leaf out of their book and doing some close observational drawing of your own. 

Please click on the PDF to find your instructions. 

Oak leaves and Acorns by da Vinci

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