Main Lesson

Good morning Class 9,

At some point over the next two days I will email you all your dice rolling results as well as the class totals.


I would like you calculate the percentages (as you did in class) of what the whole class rolled.


You will also need to re-calculate what you rolled as a percentage as well, as I have your Main Lesson books.

This calculations are called "experimental probabilities" as they come from the result of an experiment. (i.e. the sum of the uppermost face of two dice.)

The second last thing I would like you to do is work out the theoretical probability for rolling each of these values. How many ways are there to roll a 5 (for example) with 2 dice? Please attempt to work this out BEFORE you look it up on the internet.

The last thing I would you to do is write-up, on a standard page with lines or a page out of an old ML book, what we did. i.e. explain the experiment (in this case what the game was), note down your results (from both your rolls and the class results) and note down the the theoretical results. These can be put into a table with 7 rows and 13 columns, include the quantity in one row and the percentage in the next, give totals at the end.

You will submit this last page on Thursday, (or) when we return to school.

I hope that is clear, but if there are questions please email me at

There will be no test.

All the best,