Welcome to Class 9 Farming online.

Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well.

Unfortunately we missed our visit from Wurundjeri elder Uncle Dave Wandin. The good news is that his visit is postponed so we can look forward to his visit in the not too distant future.

Your tasks for the 4th June choose one to complete

Task 1:

This task is for students who didn't attend farming on the 21st May (the week before last)

  • Watch the two videos on the right featuring Uncle Dave Wandin.

  • For each video, create two questions that you would like to ask Uncle Dave.

  • Email me your questions to

Example question: How did the Wurundjeri people of Coranderrk learn to grow British fruit and vegetables so successfully?

Task 2:

This is for students who have already done the above task in class.

​1. Watch the Australian Forest Walk video
2. Research one indigenous plant that you would like to see growing at LYSS. We will purchase your chosen plant to grow in a new bush tucker garden.

Examples of plants for you to research or choose your own.

chocolate lily
yam daisy
lilly pilly
kangaroo apple
Mountain pepper
Warrigal greens
lemon myrtle
finger lime
Davidson's Plum

Some questions to help your research:
What is the original/Aboriginal name for the plant?
What do First Nations people use the plant for?
What climate does the plant prefer?
Is the plant edible and how was it originally prepared?
How could we use the plant here at LYSS?

Please bring your completed work to the next Gardening class or hand it in at the office.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all when you return,