Wednesday/Thursday 8/9th September 

Hello Class 9, I hope you are all well.

Hang in there for one last week of school before the holidays and a rest :)

This week we are looking at the Stolen Generation, through music.

You may already know a bit about the Stolen Generation, or you may have read the book "Rabbit Proof Fence"? 

In the 'Tasks' Document there is a little background information to read, followed by Questions on each of the songs linked below. 

Listen to the songs and answer the questions for each song (this could be spread over the two days).

You may be familiar with Archie Roach's "Took the Children Away", he is a very well-known Australian singer/songwriter.

The other song is by Dan Sultan, his song "Roslyn" was released in 2006.

I will also include the lyrics documents below.

Good Luck, I hope you enjoy the songs.

Took the Children lyrics
Roslyn lyrics

Thursday 2nd September

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine yesterday.

Today I have another article for you, relating to the land rights work we have just done, except that this time it's about water rights... click on "Aqua Nullius" for the article, and the document below for questions.

Take Care



Wednesday 1st September

Hello Spring! I hope you can all get out in the spring sunshine and have a nice walk this week :)

Thank you to everyone who is emailing me their History work, to has been really nice to to receive your responses to this work.

Today and tomorrow we are going to look at a couple of articles that have been in the news this week that relate to the work we have been doing.

Please click on the link below "Blackfulla" and read the article from the Sydney Morning Herald.

It covers much of what we discussed in our first lesson this Term about the terminology we use to refer to First Nations people.

Then open the document for Questions to respond to.

Good Luck!

Thursday 26th August
Good Morning everyone,
I hope you enjoyed the song yesterday, I would love to hear your responses to this important part of our history.
Today we are going to look at the Mabo decision...
Open the document below for today's task:

Wednesday 25th August 

From Little Things Big Things Grow

From Little Things Task


Thursday 19th August

Hello again.

If you began the extension task yesterday you can continue with that, otherwise click on the document below for today's history task. Please email me your responses. Thank you :) 

History Task Thursday

Main Lesson Documents


Below are some of the last week of main lesson documents in case anyone was still trying to finish up...

Geology of Waratah
00:00 / 08:43


Waratah Map

Geology of Alps
00:00 / 14:01