Hi Class 9,

For Weeks 1, 2 and 3 (of Term 4) we are going to have a brief look at Indices. We will be following another "study guide" that I have developed (the link is below) and using the textbook for the set questions. I have also included questions for those using the Gold textbook (all chapters refer to Chapter 7).

I will also provide videos for the "study guide" and the example questions included therein. They will appear below before the set week.

In Week 4 - in the hope you are back at school - we will be revising the chapter and completing a short test. 

Again - those provided with the bound maths book - please continue to work through that.

Work hard!


September  29th

Week 1

6A-C or 7A-C

Week 2

6D-F or 7D-E

Week 3

6G-I or 7F-G 

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