Hi Class 9,


I will be providing on this page:

- the timeline I gave each of you in class. 

- A pdf of the relevant chapters

- videos explaining the chapters I set for this week.

I expect to have them ready for you by Monday 31st May so that you can choose to complete the set work in the manner of your choosing. (Some people like to work through one subject in a large block, others like to do a little bit each day.)

Please let me know if you need help. I am available via email (above) and can arrange to call a parent to discuss the work with you if that helps.

Tricia (28th May 2021)

Those working on their own shapes:

Please continue to calculate the areas of those shapes. First estimate by counting the "squares" and then mulitplying by the scale factor twice.

Secondly, calculate by using the formulas for square, rectangle, triangle and circle as required.

Once you have completed those calculations you will find some 3D objects that are prisms, pyramids or cylinders (with a variety of different base shapes). I would like you to find about 5. We will then draw each "surface" of the shape in order to calculate the SURFACE AREA, and finish next week with finding the volumes of those objects.

If you have questions, please let me know.